Strong Towns Planning Partnership

Strong Towns Planning Partnership

Free professional advice to help strengthen your municipal planning decisions

The Strong Towns Planning Partnership is an initiative of MNL in association with Tract Consulting, an Atlantic Canadian leader in municipal planning.

This service is designed to support and inform your municipal planning needs. Tract is providing the service free of charge to MNL members for one year beginning October 20, 2014.

Call the Strong Towns Response Line

All communities in this Province can benefit from professional town planning advice on the challenging land-use management issues their councils must resolve. To help meet this need, the Strong Towns Planning Partnership will provide your council with free access to experienced planners.

Call the Strong Towns Response Line at 1-877-738-2501
And speak with Bobbi Skanes (ext. 20) about professional and timely advice from one of Tract’s certified planners. Tract’s certified planners include: Lydia Lewycky, Cliff Johnston, Reg Garland, Robert Ross and Gerhard Weiland.

Municipal Planning Q&A

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